What is a Payment Solution?


Online shopping is regarded as an essential part of people’s lives. Therefore, online merchants should take care of providing customers with a wide range of payment solutions. Merchant acquiring is in great demand because it allows a cardholder to pay for a product/service using a card on the website.

A competent payment solution should be simply implemented. It doesn’t have to create discomfort for the clients; otherwise, the person won’t make a purchase and won’t return to the site again.

Payment Solution Terms

The specified solution can be perceived as a general term that leverages the whole technology. The company’s revenue comes a layered way before the financial recipient reaching.

  • A merchant account is regarded as a bank account that is held directly with a financial institution.
  • A payment gateway is about the service, which performs the credit card digital authorization and processes all the transactions securely via encrypted channels.
  • A payment service provider (PSP) is an outsourced partner that allows sellers to accept online revenues without a merchant account. You use the PSP’s account under its terms. The critical advantage of this resource is that there’s no need for any additional managing processes on the seller’s part. Moreover, the cooperation is accompanied by the electronic cash stealing risks elimination, transparent transaction protection, tokenization, and innovative developer’s solution integration.

Where to Choose a Decent Payment Solution?

It’s recommended for the business owner to check out Corefy, which is a versatile payment orchestration platform. Here you can find

  • An expertized team of developers, who in-person check all the processes and implement real-time innovations in products.
  • A lot of PSP, which are capable of presenting the brand on a global scale and are ready to seamlessly perform their strict options all over the world.
  • The best protective technological solutions that focus on anti-fraud services, expanding data security, scalable in-house mobile products, etc.
  • Company with a good business reputation that increases its technologies and always changes for the better. Its specialists keep an eye on the marketplace’s trends and offer consumers only modern point-to-point conditions of cooperation.
  • A partner that delivers a lot of successfully developed products, which are able to strengthen the brand. The specialist can provide comprehensible consultation that includes answers to all the questions and a description of the cost distribution features.

The company is focusing on the online payment processes standardization and centralization. It’s possible to simplify the control over transactions, as well as increase the efficiency of the business as a whole due to cooperation.

Payment solutions allow you to develop your business and move to a new level, eliminating the need for business owners to personally invest in the development of complex and expensive technical infrastructure.


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