Storytelling Through the Highs and Lows with Robert Hartwell


What happened? What did you learn? What do you want them to do?

Robert Hartwell is passionate about telling stories when you’re on a mountaintop, as well as when you’re in a valley. He chats with Brilliant Thoughts

host Tristan Ahumada about how he used storytelling, honesty and relationships to further his career. He also discusses his collaboration with OWN, HGTV and Scott Brothers Entertainment to chronicle his home renovation for Discovery+, where he will serve as host and executive producer.

Hartwell has loved stories since he saw his first play at 7 years old. That love of storytelling led him to move to New York and achieve his dreams of working in Broadway, but eventually he realized he still wanted more. So, he became an entrepreneur, opening first The Broadway Collective and then Strength on Stages. Now, he discusses the connection between storytelling and marketing, his struggles with burnout and his framework for creating a story. 

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