Finding Your Community and Chosen Family


It’s not uncommon for money or economic talk to come up at the Thanksgiving dinner table, which can result in heated disagreements with loved ones. Money is complicated and people can be irrational about it. Family can become defensive when talking about financial plans or even make you second-guess your own understanding and decision making


Meeting like-minded people is one of the best investments you can make toward your financial future. Community has been a secret weapon for Kiersten and Julien (@richandregular)—a place to ask questions and get real-life advice about everything from debt payoff to wealth building. This week they discuss ways to find community online and in person, and the benefits of growing your social and support circle. 

Your family might mean well, but their advice often comes from a place of concern for your future well-being rather than one of support. Finding like-minded people allows you to get answers based solely on your question, rather than responses based on the past or current life events your family might take into consideration. Not only that, but communities allow you to accrue a circle of friends and supporters who boost your confidence in your own abilities. Julien and Kiersten discuss the pros and cons of joining online groups, the benefits of talking to people in person and why you need to commit to the process.


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