What Is the Creator Economy and Where Do You Fit into It?


More than 50 million people across the world consider themselves content creators. Kiersten and Julien (@richandregular) themselves left the real estate industry to invest more in being creators through podcasting, blogging, making videos and more. This week, they share what the creator economy is and how people are monetizing their online content

on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Patreon. They discuss establishing yourself as an expert online, making relevant content, the earning potential of content creation and developing brand partnerships.

There is a variety of debate and misunderstanding surrounding the creator economy, ranging from the assumption that the term refers specifically to influencers to what separates a creator from a standard user. Despite this lack of a solid definition, however, creators are shaping up to be one of the fastest-growing small businesses, as according to a 2022 Adobe survey, 165 million creators have joined this space since 2020. Julien and Kiersten continue on to discuss ways to earn income as a podcaster and as a creator in general, getting started as a creator and how the skill sets you gain can be utilized in other areas of your life. 

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