What Is the Best Surrogacy Agency And Why?


If you have never sought the help of a surrogate mother and will never need it, you’re a lucky person, and you should thank your life for it. Millions of men and women from all over the world have infertility and can’t get pregnant. There are many ways to solve this problem: to receive treatment, use the IVF method, take a child from an orphanage, and so on.

However, not all of these ways either help or satisfy future parents. 

Fortunately, there’s another way to become parents to use surrogacy services. World Center of Baby is the best

surrogacy agency in Ukraine. We aren’t just a team of people who are an intermediary between intended parents and surrogates.  Our agency understands that surrogacy can be very complicated for people who’ve never faced it; therefore, we provide support to both surrogate mothers and intended parents to ensure the safety and satisfaction of both sides. 

The most important aspect that worries all intended parents is surrogacy law. Here, at World Center of Baby, we care about the legislative side of the question and offer people surrogacy solutions that violate the law. If their country doesn’t permit gestational surrogacy, we’ll always find a suitable surrogate in another country. We help infertile couples and LGBT couples (gay, lesbian) who can’t have children due to natural causes. 

The Reasons To Order Surrogacy Services From Our Clinic

World Center of Baby was established a few years ago and managed to gain people’s trust in Ukraine and abroad. We think that all people deserve to feel the happiness of parenthood and do our best to help them achieve it. There are not so many surrogate agencies in Eastern Europe, but you still need to know the advantages of our clinic to make the right choice:

  • A team of experts in surrogacy: We’ve already mentioned that we’re not just people who help intended parents. Our team consists of Intended parent’s partners, reproductologists, geneticists, lawyers, and other medical workers. They constantly improve their qualification — no one reproductivity and surrogacy forum or seminar are left unnoticed.
  • A careful selection of surrogates: Finding a surrogate mother is difficult only if you do it on your own. Our agency has a database of checked surrogates who are ready to make infertile couples happy. We provide medical tests for each surrogate before and during her pregnancy to make intended parents sure that she’ll have a healthy baby.
  • A reasonable pricing policy: Even those who haven’t used surrogacy help know that its cost is high. But try to count how many services are necessary for both sides, and you’ll understand why the price is so high. Our agency offers the most affordable prices and lets people use installment payments that are a perfect option.

If you want to get help from our surrogacy agency, visit the World Center of Baby website, fill an application form. Then the manager will see your application,  schedule a consultation, and you’ll start your program.


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