Top Silent Meditation Retreats for Mindful Rejuvenation in 2023


We all need mindful rejuvenation from time to time. But busy vacations with tight schedules and long lines can easily become as stressful as our daily work lives. Silent meditation retreats offer the opportunity to unplug during our time with deep silence. Whether choosing a three-day or a weeklong stay, silent meditation retreats provide calming programs for growth, health, mindfulness and inner exploration better than any cruise or amusement park can. And our list of retreats just may offer the quiet time away that you need to build your resilience and recharge your soul.

What is a silent meditation retreat?

Silent meditation involves sitting quietly and focusing your attention mindfully on the present moment. Quiet spaces free of external distractions such as personal devices and noise assist you on your journey to self-awareness. The short-term benefits of silence include the cultivation of inner stillness, clarity and deep relaxation. Longer-term, silent retreats help us to develop better habits and manage our thoughts. Learning to better reduce stress and anxiety while building higher emotional intelligence can also result.

A silent meditation retreat provides individuals the opportunity to engage with others in an aesthetically blissful and quiet space. Typically ranging from three-day retreats to weeklong or longer, silent retreats are usually held in serene and secluded locations such as monasteries and retreat centers with calming, natural settings.


Silent retreat participants may commit to maintaining silence throughout their entire stay or during shorter, scheduled periods. While silent, they will refrain from speaking, using electronic devices or engaging in other forms of communication. Periods of reflective solitude also add to the mindful and healing experience. Guided meditation techniques include silent activities such as sitting meditation, walking meditation as ecotherapy or mindful movement including silent yoga.

Top 6 silent meditation retreats in 2023

Take great care when booking your next silent meditation retreat. In choosing our best silent retreats, we examined multiple criteria to pick the most relaxing, healthful and joyous stays found in the U.S. in 2023. These include:

Natural serenity

Instructor and coach credentials and experience

Longevity of the meditation retreat

Cost and ease of booking

Online reviews and Google customer feedback

Options available and easy booking

Important note on booking: Silent retreat options depend on programs offered at varying times throughout the year. Be sure to check each organization’s calendar to find the right silent meditation retreat program to meet your mindful goals of silence and rejuvenation.

1. The Art of Living Retreat Center

Boone, North Carolina

Nestled amid the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, the Art of Living Retreat Center bills itself as a place “where health meets happiness.” In fact, it offers many healthy, holistic programs including “R&R Retreats,” “Wellness Escapes” and “Presenter Programs” for couples, singles and friends. Currently, they offer weekly five-day silent meditation retreats with goals including stress reduction, better sleep and improved happiness. The structured experience includes guided meditation, breathing exercises and yoga for adults ages 18 and older.

2. Siddhayatan Spiritual Retreat Center

Windom, Texas

Approximately 80 miles from both the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Dallas Love Field (DAL), Siddhayatan Spiritual Retreat Center provides a natural setting away from the city. Its silent retreat option provides guest stays ranging from two to 30 nights. Your silent stay includes a daily “Mantra and Meditation” session, afternoon tea and plenty of personal time. Hatha yoga classes are available at an additional charge Thursday through Sunday. You may also opt to take a vow of silence with one of the center’s monks.

3. Silent Stay Meditation Center

Montecito, California

With a mission to help others find their inner peace, this 501(c)(3) nonprofit seeks to rest “the mind in the quiet of your heart.” Silent Stay Meditation Center fulfills this obligation with silent retreats lasting two to five days. Your schedule includes three silent sitting and group meditations in their beautiful sanctuary. The sanctuary is open all day for additional meditation, yoga practice and journaling. You may also enjoy walks on the beautiful grounds at your leisure. Retreats occur near-monthly, so be sure to check their current schedule for your silent stay. If you want to continue the practice at home, the center also provides Sunday morning meditations via Zoom.

4. Insight Retreat Center

Santa Cruz, California

Supported by donation, Insight Retreat Center offers five-day silent meditation retreats as well as one-day retreats. Some residential stays lasting up to a week are also available as well as online options. In each case, the center offers Vipassana meditations based on the teachings of the Buddha. With volunteer teachers fluent in both English and Spanish, the center guides retreat practitioners through scheduled sitting and walking silent meditations throughout the day. Breakfast, lunch and a light dinner are also provided, and residents partake in work meditation as well such as cleaning and groundskeeping.

5. Crestone Retreats

Crestone, Colorado

The retreats at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center offers a wide variety of meditation retreat options for individuals and groups in a nourishing atmosphere. You may choose a retreat lasting from as few as four nights and up to three months. Additionally, accommodations range from guest homes to camping with studio rooms and cabins in between. Silent meditation as well as wilderness and writer retreats are available. Some program offerings include meditation, yoga, music, dance, tai chi and other bodywork exercises and even group therapy. Plus, this personal meditation retreat will pamper you with three vegetarian meals per day.

6. Sivananda Yoga Ranch

Woodbourne, New York

Sivananda Yoga Ranch emphasizes yoga, music, mantras and peace amid the natural beauty of this New York meditation retreat. Programs and courses run the gamut, from three-day retreats to one-month and longer residential programs, the ranch promises to help guide you toward peace, health and joy. Silent meditation programs and retreats are available in its calendar of events such as “Vedanta and Silence.” If you seek to build a positive mindset, practice yoga, learn about a vegetarian diet or learn proper breathing and relaxation techniques, the Sivananda Yoga Ranch calendar likely has an offering to meet your needs.

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