Top 8 Virtual Date Ideas for Long Distance Relationships


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may have ground most live dating to a halt, but the search for romance goes on despite it all. While finding love during the pandemic has proven difficult, it’s by no means impossible. After all, dating wasn’t only about restaurants, cafes, and theaters. It’s about the people involved and the bonds you form.

Even without these old dating standbys, date night still exists. You, too, can find a new relationship or cultivate an existing one with these eight fantastic virtual date ideas.

1. Cook Together, But Apart

One of the cutest virtual date ideas we’ve ever seen is the thought of cooking the same recipe while being on voice or video chat. Track down a recipe you’ve both always wanted to try. Don’t be afraid to get crazy with the ingredients or cuisine types. 

While cooking on video chat, you can enjoy each other’s successes (or failures). Plus, you each get a delicious meal out of the deal!

2. Go On a Virtual Tour

Did you know that many museums are offering virtual tours during the pandemic? Whether you and your date are history buffs, art aficionados, or science nerds, you can find a museum offering a virtual tour. Examine the exhibits you would visit in person through this virtual tour and bond over your mutual love of a certain subject. 


Or, if you’re not as familiar with the museum’s main subject, you can use the opportunity to learn something new! After all, couples who learn something from each other experience greater closeness.

3. Puzzle Your Way Out of a Virtual Escape Room

Many escape rooms have also opened their services to virtual puzzles and rooms during the pandemic. One example is Escape Room Gatlinburg, which has virtual escape room puzzles that you and your date can try to get through together. 

These escape rooms can be a great way to bond through a lightly stressful encounter. They’ll also let you and your date put your collective thinking caps on and have some friendly competition!

4. Try Out Role-Playing Games

Hey, Dungeons and Dragons aren’t just for classic nerds anymore. You’d be surprised what you can learn about your date during a one-shot of a roleplaying game. Maybe you’ll find that they have a strong protective streak as they tank hits for the party. Or perhaps they have a hidden sadistic streak as they wait until the very last moment to heal your character’s injuries.

If you and your date play the same MMORPG, you could always run dungeons or raids together to build teamwork and learn how you work under stress. There are even in-game marriage ceremonies for committed couples who want to enjoy the party but can’t have a ceremony right now.

We should also state that websites like Roll20 role-playing games offer a safe, socially distanced quarantine date that’s fun for everyone.

5. Host a Streaming Movie Night

There are a host of browser extensions designed to let you watch streaming apps with other people. However, even without those third-party programs, you can still have an enjoyable, COVID safe date.

Many Hollywood producers are releasing their latest films on streaming services, either exclusively or in tandem with physical releases. So, if you need to see the hottest new release, you and your date can do so while sitting at home.

You don’t even need to watch a brand new release. Pick a movie or series that’s new to you, or new to one of you, boot up your streaming app of choice, and settle in on a video chat with a big bowl of popcorn and candy.

6. Study Each Others’ Stars

Whether you’re into astrology or not, taking the time to dig into each other’s birth charts can be a fun way to get to know each other! You can point out where your birth chart gets things right on the nose or laugh at where it goes completely off the rails. You don’t even have to check compatibility: this is all about getting to know each other through the stars!

Another similar option for the spiritually inclined is to conduct tarot readings for one another. Alternatively, you can reach out to a virtual psychic and get tarot readings done together. It’s a fun way to see what the future may hold.

7. Get Crafty On Video Chat

Do you or your date love to get crafty? Have you longed to break out your knitting needles or cross-stitch tools? You and your date can hop on video chat and show each other your current projects.

This is also a fantastic way to adapt the classic paint and sip date. Pull up your video chat app of choice, break out an individual serving of wine, gather your brushes, and get started painting a masterpiece as a pair!

8. Play Questioning Games

Twenty questions may seem passe, but it’s a great way to help you get to know each other during a social distanced date. However, you can’t be afraid to get deep with your questions. The dynamic may feel different, but there’s no need to let the camera create further distance between you. 

Go beyond surface-level questions like “What’s your favorite color?”, and dig for the real fun questions. Things like, “What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?” You’ll be shocked how much you can learn about each other when you move beyond the standard “getting to know you” fare.

Let’s Review the Best Virtual Date Ideas

So, what are some of the best virtual dates that you and your partner could have during the pandemic? From movie parties to long-distance paint and sip dates to playing games with each other, the only limit is your imagination!

However, if you need more date night ideas and inspiration, feel free to check out our blog daily for more content like this.

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