The Happiest Country Worldwide: Six Secrets of Vanuatu


In 2016, in the global Happy Planet Index, the tiny ocean state of Vanuatu unexpectedly took fourth place. This list is compiled by the New Economic Fund and shows people’s well-being, the environmental status in countries, the level of the state’s GDP, and the Human Development Index.

Why is Vanuatu, the country without a high GDP and strong economy, at the top of the happiest countries in the world? There are six reasons for this.

1. Peacefulness

Vanuatu is a unique country. Although people here speak 113 different languages, believe in various gods, and Catholic chapels are side by side with sites for shamanic rituals, the state is incredibly peaceful. Vanuatu has never had a full-fledged army of its own and has not fought since the Second World War. Almost all problems in the country, both social and political, are still resolved by citizens at the level of public discussions.


2. Environment

By 2030, Vanuatu is going to completely switch to green energy and use only renewable energy sources. And in 2011, according to statistics, wind, sun, and river currents provided the state with 34% of all electricity.

3. Tradition

To travel 5,000 years in the past is enough to drive away from the capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila. Many tribes of this country still live in the traditions of the primitive system no passports, money, clothes, even clocks, and calendars. And 5% of the local population still profess the cargo cult, and the now-deceased English Prince Philip is considered a god here.

4. Climate

a pleasant temperature always characterizes Vanuatu’s equatorial climate. It does not drop below 18 degrees Celsius and usually does not rise above 30 degrees. The only disadvantage is the very high humidity, which can reach 90%.

5. Nature

 Vanuatu is home to dozens of nature reserves, colossal coral reefs, and rainforests. There are 120 different bird species here entomologists will be happy. Divers can dive into the oceanic trench, which is eight kilometers deep and only three kilometers shallower than the Mariana Trench.

6. Happiness

Vanuatu’s Happy Planet Index is the highest outside the Americas. The locals are not worried about the fact that they are sitting on an active volcano, are illiterate, and, like a thousand years ago, obey the leaders and shamans they are happy in this tiny island paradise.

How to become a citizen of Vanuatu

Vanuatu welcomes new citizens and invites them to join the peaceful and happy life in Oceania. For this reason, the country has launched a Vanuatu CBI program.

To get a Vanuatu passport by investment, you need to donate $130,000 to a local government fund. For a family of four, this amount is $180,000.

To make the whole procedure go quickly and without delay, in four quick steps, it is best to agree with a licensed migration agency such as the international company Migronis. Its experts will undertake all the paperwork, collect documents, translate and apostille them the investor will only have to sign up.


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