Scam Prevention: Protecting Yourself and Loved Ones


Scammers love to target the vulnerable, especially in times of crisis. Do you know how to protect yourself? 

Julien and Kiersten (@richandregular) have fallen for scams, just like everyone else. Today, they talk about staying vigilant to prevent yourself and your loved ones from getting scammed, what to say to a potential fraudster and what to do if your personal information has been compromised.


There are a virtually uncountable number of scams, and it can feel like a challenge to try and guard yourself against all of them. From emails to texts to phone calls to credit card readers, scammers can reach you in a number of ways—and if your personal information has been compromised, you have to be able to move quickly and efficiently to protect your accounts and information. Julien and Kiersten discuss how to recognize a scam, the importance of acting instead of staying silent if you fall for one and the necessity of staying alert—particularly during the holiday season.

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