Public Speaking Tips to Help Deliver A Confident Speech


Have you ever been asked to make a speech at an event? It’s sometimes terrifying, especially when you don’t know where to begin or how to prepare for the speech, many people don’t even know what it means to make a public speech, but this article will be presenting a few tips that will help you compose and deliver a great speech for any occasion.

What Is Public Speaking?

A public speech is a presentation that you bring to life in front of an audience. Public speeches have various purposes, whether to educate, inspire or entertain, it can be said that the art of public speaking is a combination of practice, research, and confidence. Although many people think of public speaking as something that only politicians excel at. This is because people only consider the ‘public’ part of public speaking as a large crowd, but you might do it in very ordinary settings in your personal life. Making wedding toast, creating a presentation for work, or even having a family meeting. It doesn’t matter what size your crowd is, it only matters how you present your speech. 

Why Is Public Speaking Important?

There are endless amounts of reasons why public speaking is so important especially in today’s society. You might think it’s only to get a point across but really, it’s far more than that. Even though you might not have done any public speaking yourself, you have probably heard a few speeches that might have made you take a step back and listen closer to the speaker.

Learning the process of public speaking also has an influence on your personal and professional life. You might not notice it right away but just give it time and you will see that certain aspects of public speaking will probably jump at you in a specific situation and resolve your problem almost instantly.

Improve Your Communication Skills

It’s not always easy communicating what your brain is trying to explain. Most people actually have pent-up frustration because they don’t know how to express themselves or talk to others. This is a serious problem in society because with miscommunication comes misunderstanding and that’s how arguments happen. But if you’re going to give a public speech you’re going to have to learn how to give that speech, and somewhere along the line, you are going to learn how to communicate your thoughts and opinions rationally.

You will find that the next time you are trying to explain something, to anyone in your life, it will be easier for you to portray what your mind is telling you. Because let’s face it sometimes we understand things differently and the only way to resolve issues is through communication.


Sometimes we suggest people try calling chat line numbers to socialize and talk with strangers, that’ll help you to get better at speaking.

  • Inspiring Others 

Have you ever come across a video of a person who is speaking about a story of personal triumph? What about someone who speaks about something that must change in society as we know it? How did those speeches make you feel?

Did you perhaps shed a tear hearing about the journey a successful doctor hard making their dream come true regardless of the terrible circumstances they had around them? Or have you personally inspired to stand up for the right of a certain demographical group in society?

Inspiration changes the way we see the world, the way we act toward a cause, and even helps us make changes in our lives. The people themselves are inspirational, but what really got you worked up and left you amazed was the incredible delivery of their story.

  • Educating People

They say that you learn new things every day, and for the most part, it’s true, but where do we learn these new things? Sure, through social media and experiencing life, but also through recorded events on new topics. It pops up on your YouTube or Facebook recommendations, you see the news report on public speaking events that talk about topics you might not have heard of before. Most seminars are opportunities to teach people about subjects you might have not even heard about. If you really think about it, where did you hear about the new diet you’re trying? And where exactly did you hear about that new computer that could help take your game to the next step? Information is presented to us every day by powerful public speakers.

  • Boost Confidence

Having the confidence to speak in front of a group of people is extremely powerful. Have you always wanted that promotion but haven’t had the courage to speak to your boss about it? Or have you got a really big announcement to make to your friends and family?

Public speaking is like riding a bike, the more you do it the easier it gets. Once you face a bigger crowd of people it becomes easier to face one person, like your boss to ask for that promotion.

  • Makes A Difference

Communities come together when they are inspired, your speech might be the reason why they are coming together. Public speeches have always shone a light on topics that might not have been known by the people around you. This can achieve great things in your environment, whether it’s at work or at home. Imagine the great strides that people can make toward a better future simply because one person stoop up and said, “Today we make a difference.” Not a lot of people want to acknowledge issues in their environment, but if they see one person taking a stand, you can be sure that others will follow.  

Why People Fear Public Speaking

It’s not hard to see why people are afraid of standing in front of a crowd and try to not make a fool of themselves. People are usually anxious about speaking in public because they are afraid of failure. Forgetting your line, tripping on stage, and getting no applause are all fears linked to the fear of failure. Not a single person on earth wants to fail at anything and it’s a valid fear to have but don’t let that fear trip you up.

Tips To Giving A Public Speech

To help you in the quest to make your public speech a success, we have some tips and tricks that will help not only with the process of writing and delivery of a speech but also to help with the nervous jitters you might get when preparing to get up on stage, as they say. 

  • Mentally Prepare Yourself

Know that not everyone attends speeches to support the cause. You will get people who are only looking to negatively influence your speech. If you’re giving a speech at a work presentation, be prepared to answer questions people might throw at you in the middle of your speech, ask them to reserve their questions for after the speech and if you’re giving a speech at a family even be prepared to get eye rolls or jeers of laughter especially if you’re talking about a subject that means something special to you. It isn’t easy giving a speech, but somebody has to do it or we will never make progress.

  • Research Your Topic

This might be a very obvious step to you, but many people don’t realize how important it is to really know what you are speaking about. You are presenting an audience with information for the first time, it might be about a topic they are already familiar with, but you are presenting it to them from a new perspective. Take something as simple as a wedding speech, everyone knows the bride and groom, but you have even more insight into their lives. Of course, you do, you’re the one giving the speech. So, make sure that you know what you want to speak about and how you are going to cover it.

  • Planning is Key

It goes without saying that research and planning go hand in hand. Divide your topic into subtopics and plan the areas you want to cover in your speech, this helps the audience understand why this topic is being spoken about. Don’t finalize your speech based on the first draft, read your draft, tweak it and perfect your speech. If you aren’t sure how to write your speech, look up some tips online and look at other speeches that have been written for a similar topic to your speech.

  • Know Your Audience

You already know that the audience is either interested in the topic at hand, but you have to know what you want them to take away from your speech. Do you want them to be entertained? Then throw some jokes in the mix and set a comfortable ambiance. Are you inspiring them? Make sure to use emotional anchors, maybe even a visual presentation could be added. You can never go wrong with putting in your best effort to understand your audience, it will also make you feel more confident because you are the one in control of the mood, topic, and presentation.

Become Better At Public Speaking

Now that you have all the tools for writing, planning, and delivering your speech, we have a few tricks that will ward off nerves and improve the overall delivery of your speech, after all, why go through all the trouble of writing a speech if you aren’t sure how to deliver it right? Follow these steps and you will be just fine!

  • Step 1: Use body language to set the ambiance and present different subtopics of your speech 
  • Step 2: Figure out which tone best works for your topic delivery.
  • Step 3: Practice in front of a mirror at first. Get comfortable with yourself and finalize your speech.
  • Step 4: Practice in front of someone, this will allow you to get some feedback and adjust your speech.
  • Step 5: Practice with distractions so that you can learn how to focus and not be caught off guard.
  • Step 6: Practice wherever, and whenever you can. 
  • Step 7: Get to the event early enough to set up, test the equipment and rehearse your speech on stage.
  • Step 8: Do not rush your speech, give your audience time to let each topic sink in.
  • Step 9: Make random eye contact and focus on the back of the theatre to give the illusion of confidence.
  • Step 10: Remember, you’re giving a speech, not reading it. Don’t rely too heavily on your cue cards.
  • Step 11: Hydrate! Keep something to drink close at hand, all that talking dries out your mouth.
  • Step 12: Take 5 minutes before the show to calm yourself down and reassure yourself that you can do this.

Extra Touches:

There are a few things that most people forget about when preparing for a speech, that might just give it that little bit more power.

  1. Dress for the occasion, don’t overdo it, and also don’t underdress it might set the wrong tone for your speech.
  2. Don’t fidget, it makes you look insecure and takes away the focus of your topic. 
  3. Remember to breathe and don’t forget to enjoy it, the stage is you so use it to your advantage.
  4. Do not pay any attention to hagglers, they are there to throw you off your game and you don’t want to give them that power. 

You’re All Set:

It might be daunting, setting yourself up to be judged by a room full of people. You might feel those butterflies of anxiety all the way through your speech but that’s fine. Let them flutter. It only means that you’re giving a speech about something that really matters to you and you have a moment to speak up about it. Public speaking isn’t for everyone but it will probably come at you in an unexpected way, don’t let your fears and insecurities prevent you from making actual changes in your life.

It all starts with a positive mindset. Once you have your plan laid out and you’ve practiced there is nothing that can take you down. Enjoy the moment, live in it, and deliver a speech that will leave your audience in awe.


Public Speaking Tips

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