How to Send a Gift to Your Dad: 6 Helpful Tips


Father’s Day has often been brushed aside amid the excitement of summer and the fireworks displays of the Fourth. But we think it’s time the dads out there got some extra credit for all they do.

Besides, it’s well known that dads get the short end of the stick when it comes to gifts, whether it’s a hallmark holiday in June or any other time of year. It’s time we collectively decide to move on from golf clubs, neckties, and handkerchiefs.

But in truth, what are you supposed to give your dad as a gift, and what’s the best way to send it if you live in a different part of the country or world? Let’s talk about how to send a gift to dad in style, and make it a moment he won’t forget.

1. Get Inspired (Curated Lists)

Forget about sending a gift for just a second. Can we talk about how hard it is to pick out gifts for guys in general, especially dads? These are men who would wear the same thing for the rest of their lives if it was socially acceptable.


Luckily, you’ve got a wide range of curated lists depending on the time and the occasion. Just browse your preferred online publication or gift delivery site and see what they have in store for the season. 

That way, you’ll never have to second-guess a gift before sending it his way.

2. Set the Time and Date

The art of gift-giving is all about timing, so you don’t want any ambiguity when it comes to delivery. 

Make sure you have the time and place in mind before you commit to a decision, and use tech to your advantage to track the delivery with precision.

The most memorable gifts arrive at the perfect place and time, so make sure you factor in these variables when sending your next gift to dad.

3. Elegant Unwrapping Experience

It might not be possible to replicate the in-person authenticity of unwrapping a gift together, but you can improve that part of the experience with a few alterations.

Rather than digging into an unidentified package, you can set the stage properly with a digital notification that clues him in on the gift. This way he has an idea of what’s to come and can plan to receive the gift in real-time.

Unwrapping – both digital and physical – is so important when sending a gift, so see how you can improve this aspect of the experience.

4. Allow Him to Swap and Choose

Not 100% sure if your dad will love the gift you send? There are services that allow him to hand-pick a gift that fits his preferences, and doesn’t require tedious shipping back and forth.

The key is that these programs send a notification via email or text, giving the recipient the option to select between several different choices within a price range. As the sender, you won’t be charged until he makes his final pick and the gift is confirmed.

This is the antidote to gifting anxiety that you’ve been searching for and can be a game-changer when giving gifts to anyone in your life, not just dad.

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5. Personalized Presentation

How do you want a gift to show up, and what should the unboxing experience be like? Are you thinking about a custom cake, a personalized bottle of whiskey, or maybe a classic grab-bag box of goodies for fishing or sports?

The point is that a personalized gift is often the most impactful because it shows you’ve put in the thought and time to bring it all together.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel here, so consider what gifts are best when made personal with messages, engravings, or otherwise. Comfy clothes, tasty treats, nice pieces of home decor – it’s all on the table. 

6. Follow Up and Stay in Touch

Maybe you’ve chosen the perfect gift, customized all the details, and had it delivered exactly how you imagined. That’s all well and good, but you can’t forget to follow up after the fact!

Dad may send a thank-you text message, but it’s your job to reach out with a phone call or video message if possible. This is how you turn a simple gift into a memorable experience and set it apart from the rest.

The time you spend with your family is hugely valuable, even on the phone, so don’t let that fall to the wayside.

The Ultimate Gift Experience for Dad

Too many gifts feel impersonal these days, but that doesn’t have to be the case when sending something special to dad. 

Follow these tips and you’ll never have to send a boring gift again, whether it’s Father’s Day or any other time of year. 

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