How to Know and Get Over a Sex Addiction


Sex is a natural part of the human condition, and there’s nothing wrong with having a lot of sex.

However, like anything in life, there is the possibility of addiction. You may not think of sex as something that is particularly addictive, but there are several ways that sex addiction can manifest. Here’s what you should know.

1. It’s Not an Actual Condition

You won’t find sex addiction in the DSM-5. Because of this, the criteria are not known. What is the difference between someone who has a lot of sex and someone who is an addict? It can be a little subjective.

Not to mention, people may say they have an addiction if they just enjoy sex casually, but have a belief system that says that’s wrong.


With that said, there are some symptoms that most have agreed may be a sign of sex addiction. These include.

2. The Inability to Stop

Someone who just enjoys sex isn’t being overwhelmed with thoughts about sex and has to have it all of the time. However, someone who is truly a sex addict will feel like they can’t stop thinking about sex, or they can’t stop having sex or else they feel withdrawal.

Besides physical activities, sex addiction involves the inability to stop thinking of sex, even if your mind wants to avoid thinking about it even further.

3. Not Being Honest

Another sign of sex addiction is if you’re trying to keep it a secret. Obviously, you aren’t going to talk about your sex life to everyone, but sex addiction means you are ashamed of what you have and you want to keep it a secret.

You may end up hiding your addiction from everyone and trying to change the subject if anyone brings up the subject of sex. Others may notice your suspicious behavior and ask what is going on. This may cause people to lose trust in you as time goes on.

4. You Don’t Enjoy it

Someone who has a sex addiction tends to not enjoy having sex. Instead, they may feel guilty after having sex. An addict may end up putting themselves in danger to have sex and even risk their relationship.

You should always follow what you believe is your true calling. If you aren’t, you are just going to feel miserable.

5. Treating Yourself

Since sex addiction is not an actual diagnosis, you may wonder how you can get treatment.

The following may help you.

  • Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, alongside other forms of treatment, may help you to control those urges and be able to put an end to impulsive sexual activities.

  • Sex Addicts Anonymous

When you think of 12-step programs, you tend to think of Alcoholics Anonymous. However, there’s also one for sex addicts. The goal isn’t to stop having sex, but instead to avoid sexual behavior that is destructive.

  • Medication

Yes, it is possible to take meds for sex addiction. These meds tend to treat the symptoms, and they are good alongside therapy.

Medication for sex addiction includes antidepressants, which may help you to control your urges. However, there are currently few meds that are designed to treat sex addiction.

6.Being Diagnosed

As mentioned, sex addiction is not an official diagnosis. However, there are criteria that most would agree is a sign of an addiction.

Because of this, it is possible for you to get an unofficial diagnosis if you are wondering if you have an addiction. One way is through Mind Diagnostics, and their test here: There, you can take their quiz and it can help you determine if you may have an addiction.


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