How To Buy Google Play Reviews So That They Stay Long


When you buy google play reviews, you improve both your reputation and rank. As you know, users pay attention to reviews to choose an app. So, you can leverage them to present your product in the best light. But the algorithm of Google Play is tricky and considers your comments to calculate your rank as well.

Some ASO specialists avoid ordering reviews as the store deletes them. But it also happens with organic reviews from real users. If you make them look natural, there won’t be any danger that you waste your money. 


What is the best way to order Android reviews?

When you buy positive reviews for your app, you should note 4 aspects: uniqueness, keyword density, the ratio of keywords and installs, and localization. Let’s take a closer look at all of them.

First, your comment should be unique. Texts like “Such a wonderful app” won’t bring you, customers. The same is about using spam words like “buy right now”, “use special offer”, etc. The store will delete such reviews. Write texts yourself or outsource this task. Also, avoid keyword stuffing in comments. It means that you don’t have to use too many search terms in a review. The proper formula is one keyword per 15-20 words. Besides, pay attention to the correlation of reviews and installs that your app gets. Think over the behavior of organic users.

Not each person will write a comment after the install. Thus, you can buy one review per 20-100 installs. It depends on whether your app is brand-new or already has a bunch of downloads. Last but not least is localization. Your app should be localized for a country you get reviews from. It’s vital to note the consistency of a user’s name and his/her language.

If you get a comment from Hans Müller, it should be written in English or German but not Italian. Also, you should add German or English to your settings and localize your app listing page for Germany. 

Follow our tips to buy google play reviews that won’t be deleted and move your app up the rank!


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