How Much Does It Usually Cost to Install Solar Panels?


Are you trying to learn more about the average cost to install solar panels? Our guide right here covers the prices you can expect.

As you stand outside in the harsh summer sun, you think to yourself that you could use that to power your whole house! That’s when it hits you. Why don’t you install solar panels on your roof?

The solar-powered bandwagon is picking up steam in the United States. In 2019, the US surpassed 2 million solar panels installed!

But getting solar panels installed is a major investment before you can begin reaping the rewards. Keep reading to learn about the average cost to install solar panels in the United States.


Can Your Roof Support Solar Panels?

The first question on most homeowners’ minds is if their roof can hold up to the extra weight of solar panels. The good news is that most roofs are fine for installing solar panels.

The key is to remember that the solar panels will last about 25 years. If your roof has fewer years left than the panels, then you may need to reinforce the roof first.

Variables That Affect the Cost To Install Solar Panels

Many factors impact solar panel prices in the United States. Here are some of the most common variables and how they affect the total expense.

Size of the Panels

One of the most obvious variables is the size and number of panels you intend to use. On the low end, a 2-kilowatt system can cost around $5,600. Whereas a system with 25 kilowatts costs closer to $70,000!

Location of Your Home

Another factor is the state where you live. The cheapest states to install solar panels are Nevada and Arizona and the most expensive in Iowa.

Experts speculate that part of the reason prices vary state by state is because the average size of a solar power system goes up as you head south. When you have a larger system with more kilowatts, you pay less per kilowatt. Like when you buy in bulk at the big-box warehouse stores.

The Company You Hire To Install the Panels

The last important factor to consider is the company you hire to install the solar panels. Hiring a top-quality company like Blue Raven Solar ensures a job well done but at a little higher cost than trying to handle the install yourself.

The Future of Solar Energy Looks Bright

With so many Americans switching to solar energy, we can make a beneficial impact on the environment. It’s a clean form of renewable energy that reduces the need for energy from things like coal or other fossil fuels.

Though the upfront cost of getting solar panels installed can give some people sticker shock, the long-term savings and better carbon footprint make going solar an easy choice! Check with your local area for tax incentives and rebates to help cut back on the cost.

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