How Can We All Get Along? with David Livermore


It seems like some people just have a hard time playing nice. We see it every day on social media! So how can we get along better

with others? This week, social scientist David Livermore joins Brilliant Thoughts host Tristan Ahumada to explain how cultural intelligence can help us respectfully engage with others and navigate polarizing conversations—without necessarily having to change our own beliefs.

Author of the newly released book, Digital, Diverse & Divided, Livermore is no stranger to the complexities of the digital world and how they challenge our ability to overcome assumptions. It is our job to know where we lack knowledge, to ask questions, to listen to the answers and to cultivate our online environment so that we hear a diverse array of perspectives. Livermore and Ahumada discuss the connection between cultural and emotional intelligence, when and how to speak up when others are being demeaned, and how to protect ourselves and others from feeling polarized on social media.

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