9 Simple Tips for Fast Essay Writing


Producing good content is demanding, but doing that fast is even more challenging. 

Writing is bread and butter for many people. Some work as columnists, editing and writing exclusive pieces. Others, in turn, are prolific writers and produce engaging and striking papers. 

But let us take a step back and think about what they share in common. After all, they have all completed a long way to be where they are now. And in most cases, this commonality is academic writing. 

Essay writing is typical for many students. Regardless of the degree, learners have to regularly express their thoughts in the form of an essay. And while some courses may be less reliant on this assignment, many disciplines bombard students with writing tasks. 

What to do then? Well, if you’re diligent enough, you don’t have a choice but to nail the assignment yourself. Worry not, though, as you can do that quickly and easily. By practicing fast essay writing, you’ll manage to compose various papers and score high in the long run. 

Ditch distractions

Want to get over with the task asap? Ditch distractions, simple as that. No, really. If only you knew how disturbing devices are. They negatively influence your attention – every time you get a notification unrelated to your task, your concentration and productivity plummet. If you want to remain attentive and efficacious, the first thing you need to do is close those irrelevant tabs and mute your phone. You might as well go offline, but this way, ensure you have all the necessary things for your essay – that is, sources and notes must be prepared in advance. 


Peruse the task

You may have a good and fast start, but it will do you no good if you haven’t understood the main question you need to answer. Once you get the assignment, you should analyze it carefully and learn its requirements. If something doesn’t seem clear to you, it’s best to reach your colleagues or teacher and seek clarification. Upon doing that, you will get a clear picture of your job. 

Brainstorm ideas

You can’t waste any time and should start generating ideas right away. Brainstorming is the process of coming up with concepts your paper will revolve around. Depending on the topic, the length of this process will vary. But since you are focusing on fast essay writing, you can’t afford to spend too much time producing thoughts. Use methods like listing or clustering to develop ideas and quickly move to the next step.

Research the topic and find relevant sources

This next step is the most time-consuming, and that’s for a reason. See, whatever you are writing about must be backed up with authentic and updated sources. Locating the latter can be problematic sometimes. Regardless, you can’t neglect this step, nor can you avoid it at all. 

Ensure you have enough time to do exhaustive research. Look for reliable articles and journals on web pages like Google Scholar, Sage, and Chicago University Press. These sites contain academic sources that you can rest upon.

Design a thesis statement

A thesis statement is a building block of every academic paper. Although short, it contains essential information that determines the general essay’s course. That’s why it’s vital to build a thesis statement once you have ideas and sources. When working on your thesis, keep in mind that it must be:

Clear AccurateCoherent

However, a thesis statement doesn’t have to be very detailed. Make sure to leave elaborations, examples, and explanations for the body part, speaking of which.

Handle the most manageable parts 

The body is one of the three most critical parts of an essay (along with the introduction and conclusion). It’s no wonder that professional writers suggest kicking off the writing process with the body section, as the latter is usually the most doable component. 

Each body paragraph focuses on one element stated in a thesis statement. It also has a specific structure: a topic sentence mentioning the point from a thesis, argument, supporting ideas, and conclusion/transition. The number of body parts depends on the word count. A typical 500-word essay would have three body sections. 

Forget about mistakes; create the draft asap

When practicing fast essay writing, nothing can slow you down. Many students fall into the trap of fixing each and every error that comes along their way. Not only does that hamper the writing process, but it also negatively impacts a writer’s effectiveness. 

Does that mean you should refrain from correcting blunders at all? No, by no means. Polishing the text is part and parcel of every writing session, and it increases the chances of getting a high grade. But it would be best to avoid going back and forth fixing words every time you misspell them. Instead, try to compose the first draft as quickly as possible, which also means leaving those mistakes for the time being and focusing on writing instead.

Shift your focus

There is a reason that athletes take timeouts during games. Even a quick pause helps them recover and get ready for incoming challenges. Writing is no exception. Composing an outstanding essay is intellectually demanding, so taking a break is not only desirable but necessary. It will allow you to approach your text from a different perspective and correct every mistake. 

Approach the editing process thoroughly

A good rule of thumb is the longer you can rest, the better. But since we’re talking about fast essay writing, it’s hardly an option. But don’t worry, even five minutes will suffice to restore attention and accumulate productivity. 

What’s more important is to have the right attitude toward editing. Notably, try to make use of tools available these days. Among other things, Grammarly will help you polish your text and make sure no silly mistake lowers the paper’s quality.

Is the piece flawless, thought-provoking, and original?

So, you’ve screened your paper and perfected every inconsistency. What’s next? If you have read the piece and everything looks good to you, don’t rush to submit it to the teacher. Ask your friends to run through the work and check if all is good. If it is okay, you’re ready to send it. 

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