7 Ways to Keep Allergies in Check When Spring Cleaning


Spring cleaning is fun as long as you don’t get allergies and start sneezing horribly. No matter if you are cleaning the dorm room or your home, these are the 7 Ways suggested by Cleanzen Philadelphia to Keep Allergies in Check When Spring Cleaning upholds all the fun of cleaning.

1. Take Precaution Before Cleaning 

If you are allergic to dust, get ready before you start the cleaning. Put the mask on your face and gloves on your hand. It will save you from unwanted intrusion of dust.  

2. Keep the Allergen Away 

Putting a mask and gloves will keep the allergens away. But what if you can stop them from coming close to you in the first place. If you decide to go for spring cleaning, shut the windows and doors. Now dust will wait outside. 


3. Don’t Put Too Much Stress on Yourself

A tired body is always vulnerable to any germs or allergens. Moreover, more cleaning at a time will create a dust cloud inside. So, it is better to work in batches. Rather than going for the entire home, you can go floor by floor. 

4. Vacuum is Vital 

You may be wondering about dust clouds inside a closed room. Well, it will not be the case if you have a powerful and sealed vacuum. It will ensure all the dust and debris goes directly into the canister without creating any breathing or skin issue. 

5. Clutter Can be Crucial

Clutter may not seem that dangerous while cleaning, but they are among the best sanctuaries for allergens. You don’t even know how long the mess is there and how long the allergens are growing and flourishing.

Before you start the actual cleaning, take a look around the home and remove any clutter. It will not only streamline the cleaning but will also make fewer dust clouds. 

6. Sometimes is just for the Pros

I know you love spring cleaning, and you are really good at it. But sometimes it is better to leave a part of the job for the pros, especially when you are planning to shampoo the carpets. If you are not sure which shampoo to pick for what type of carpet, it can be a disaster.

Moreover, drying the carpet after deep cleaning will be a complex and mammoth task. So, it is better to call for professional help when you are dealing with large-scale cleaning, or it involves complex machinery. 

7. Use Natural Products  

Artificial cleaning products with harsh chemicals will clean immediately, but they may leave a stubborn stain on your home or in your body. A few chemicals like ammonia or chlorine in cleaning supplies are highly allergic and may cause severe breathing problems. 

When you pick the cleaning supplies for home, try to check the natural or less-harmful products like vinegar, salt, baking soda, lemon juice, or simply water. They may sound modest, but you will love the outcome. 

You can enjoy the spring cleaning and turn your room into your dazzling den. Simply follow those tips to make the cleaning free of any irritating allergies.


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