42 Liberty Prime Quotes


“Liberty Prime is online. All systems nominal. Weapons hot. Mission: the destruction of any and all Chinese communists.”–Liberty Prime. Here are 42 Liberty Prime Quotes.

Liberty Prime Quotes

1. “Communists detected on American soil. Lethal force engaged!”–Liberty Prime

2. “Democracy will never be defeated!”–Liberty Prime

3. “America will never fall to Communist invasion!”–Liberty Prime

4.“Communism is the very definition of failure!”–Liberty Prime

5.“Tactical assessment: red Chinese victory… impossible.”–Liberty Prime

6. “Satellite uplink detected. Analysis of Communist transmission pending.”–Liberty Prime

7. “Democracy is truth. Communism is death.”–Liberty Prime

8. “Established stratagem: Inadequate.”–Liberty Prime

9. “Structural weakness detected. Exploiting.”–Liberty Prime


10. “Embrace democracy, or you will be eradicated.”–Liberty Prime

Liberty Prime Quotes

11. “Freedom is the sovereign right of every American.”–Liberty Prime

19. “Engaging red Chinese aggressors.”–Liberty Prime

15. “The last domino falls here!”–Liberty Prime

16. “Catastrophic… system… failure… Initiating core shutdown as per emergency initiative 2682209… I die, so that Democracy may… live…”–Liberty Prime

17. “Engaging Chinese invader!”–Liberty Prime

18. “Tactical assessment: red Chinese victory… impossible.”–Liberty Prime

19. “We will not fear the red menace!”–Liberty Prime

20. “Obstruction detected, Composition: titanium alloy supplemented by photonic resonance barrier. Probability of mission hindrance: zero percent!”–Liberty Prime

Liberty Prime Quotes

21. “Death is a preferable alternative to Communism!”–Liberty Prime

22. “Commencing Tactical assessment: red Chinese threat detected.”–Liberty Prime

23. “Global positioning initialized. Location – the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Birthplace of American freedom.”–Liberty Prime

24. “Revised stratagem: Initiate photonic resonance overcharge.”–Liberty Prime

25. “America will never fall to Communist invasion!”–Liberty Prime

26. “Cultural database accessed. Quoting New England poet Robert Frost: “Freedom lies in being bold.”–Liberty Prime

27. “Chairman Cheng will fail. China will fall.”–Liberty Prime

28. “Initiating directive 7395: destroy all communists!”–Liberty Prime

29. “Democracy is the essence of good. Communism, the very definition of evil.”–Liberty Prime

30. “Communism is a lie!”–Liberty Prime

Liberty Prime Quotes

31. “Alaska’s liberation is imminent!”–Liberty Prime

32. “I am Liberty Prime]. I am… America.”–Liberty Prime

33. “Voice module online. Audio functionality test initialized. Designation: Liberty Prime. Mission: the liberation of Anchorage, Alaska.”–Liberty Prime

34. “Anchorage will be liberated.”–Liberty Prime

35. “Democracy is non-negotiable.”–Liberty Prime

36. “Death is a preferable alternative to Communism!”–Liberty Prime

37. “Communism is a temporary setback on the road to freedom.”–Liberty Prime

38. “Warning: Forcible impact alert. Scanning for Chinese artillery.”–Liberty Prime

39. “Freedom is the sovereign right of every American.”–Liberty Prime

40. “Communist engaged!”–Liberty Prime

41. “Communist target acquired.”–Liberty Prime

42. “Communist threat assessment: Minimal. Scanning defenses…”–Liberty Prime

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Best of Liberty Prime Quotes

“Defending Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”–Liberty Prime
“Freedom is always worth fighting for.”–Liberty Prime
“Glory is the reward of valor.”–Liberty Prime

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