Why Buy a Home Washer?


Home washers are convenient household appliances that make laundry faster and simpler while helping the environment through reduced packaging purchases and efficient washing practices.

To keep your machine clean, run a cycle with vinegar and wipe the inner drum of your washer afterward to help prevent mildew and odors. This will also help stop mildew accumulation over time.

Keep in mind that your home washer might be covered by your home warranty policy. To learn more about this, you can check out the recent content from Cinch Home Services. And obviously, keep in mind that there is always much more to learn about home washers but the internet is filled with all the information you need for that. 


No matter if you have a large family or simply enjoy washing large loads, a high-capacity washer will make life easier and save money in the long run as it uses less hot water and detergent per load while conserving energy. Plus, large capacity washing machines help save on energy consumption.


When buying a new washer, look for products with the Energy Star label – this is the government’s official stamp of energy efficiency and can save you money on utility costs while increasing resale value of your home.

An efficient high-capacity washer is essential if you have a large family. Clothes need space to agitate properly, so a crowded machine won’t clean as efficiently. Plus, larger capacities mean doing fewer loads, saving both water, detergent and energy consumption. Basically, in most cases, it is so much better to go for a larger capacity with your home washers. The initial investment is definitely higher but this does not mean that it is a bad deal. You will end up with more savings soon. 

Wrinkle care technology

Smart washers feature technology-driven features designed to streamline and expedite the laundry process and save you time, such as built-in Wi-Fi, dryer syncing and cycle storage capabilities. Some models even include advanced wrinkle care features which prevent clothing from becoming wrinkled while waiting to be taken from either machine.

These smart appliances can work seamlessly with other devices like refrigerators and dishwashers to send relevant information directly. For instance, they could inform one another using voice command technology: for instance telling another appliance when clothes are ready to dry in another device’s fridge.

Smart washers and dryers also feature useful technologies like stain-fighting power, fabric refresh, and fast airflow drying systems. The former can help remove stubborn stains without needing to iron while the latter makes hanging dry easier by diffusing wrinkle releaser in the air and then gently refreshing and smoothing out clothing. Simply put, you just end up with clothes that are ready to wear. Such convenience simply cannot be understated. 

Wi-Fi connectivity

Smart connectivity can add convenience to your laundry experience. Certain smart washer models allow users to connect their washer to the Wi-Fi network of their home, enabling them to remotely monitor and control their wash cycle from any location – you can start and stop cycles, change settings as necessary, and even get notifications once your laundry has been finished. Once again, this instantly increases the convenience factor. What would be better than getting an alarm as soon as your machine is done? You would never end up forgetting about your load as you do something else around the home. That is definitely inconvenient. 

Some models feature voice command capabilities compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, making it easier for you to complete a cycle by asking Alexa or Google Home directly for assistance in keeping the dryer tumbling or changing wash settings; you could even inform it of which stain your clothes have on them!

Setting up WiFi access for your LG washer using a smartphone app is quick and simple; after connecting, use the LG ThinQ app to easily manage and control it remotely from anywhere in your home network. Our article about connecting your washing machine to home WiFi provides further details.


A noisy washer can be an extremely disruptive presence in any home with poor soundproofing, distracting you from working or relaxing while disturbing family and neighbors’ sleep. To minimize noise pollution, try washing laundry when your neighbors are asleep for maximum noise reduction.

If your washer makes rattling noises, this could be caused by buttons or zips becoming stuck inside its drum. To stop this from happening again, clean out its lint trap housing using mild detergent so as to prevent future clogs in its seal and avoid future clogs.

Anti-vibration mats can help minimize the sound of your washer. Available both online and at most hardware stores, these mats are easy to install underneath your washer. Some even feature self-adhesive backing that makes removing and placing easy. Alternatively, soundproof materials such as Loaded Vinyl (MLV) may help muffle its noise further.

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