Tips to Find the Best Wholesale Party Supplies for Your Business


Parties are very common in our daily lives. We celebrate different occasions throughout the year such as:

New Year Eves

And several more…

These items create an environment of joy and happiness during these events. And Americans love celebrating these events to the fullest.

So, capitalize on the opportunity and sell wholesale party supplies. We’ll guide you with some useful tips on finding the best party supplies for your wholesale business.

Overview of Party Supplies

First, let’s gain some basic knowledge of the party supplies.

Party supplies are decorative items that people buy to celebrate different occasions. These items add elegance to your celebration.

With eleven federal public holidays and several state-observed holidays, our year is full of festivities. The common party supplies include:

Decorative Candles
Favor Bags
Gift Wrappers
Greeting Cards
Hover Balls
Paper Lanterns
Paper Toys
Party Hats
Party Masks
Place Cards
Sticker Sheets
Wall Decals

There are so many different party functions including bachelor parties, bridal showers, carnivals, and trick and treat parties. 

There are different party supplies for each specific occasion. We’ll further explain specific party supplies for specific occasions. You can encash this opportunity by filling up your stock with the best relevant material.

Birthday Party Supplies

According to a study by Ipsos, 89% of our population feels it is important to celebrate birthdays. We often arrange birthday parties for our friends and family and mostly children. You can make your birthday parties special with:

Colorful Lights
Party Poppers
Photo Walls

Independence Day Party Supplies

4th July is very significant in our history as we gained independence from the British in 1776. This day evokes our feelings of patriotism. We conduct parades and seminars to discuss the importance of our historic independence. 

On this special day, you’ll see every decoration in red, blue, and white. The party supplies for independence day usually include:

American Flag Centerpieces
Mylar Balloons
Patriotic Buntings

New Year’s Eve Party Supplies

New Year’s Eve is the last evening of our calendar year. People celebrate the arrival of the new year throughout our country on this night. We gather and relish ourselves with feasts and toasts on this occasion. Your new year’s eve can be memorable with:


Customized Napkins
Customized Plates
Paper Fans
Party Glasses

Trick-or-Treat Party Supplies

We conduct horror themed trick-or-treat parties on the occasion of Halloween. People dress up as skeletons, zombies, vampires, and much more to create a terrifying effect. So, if you want a horrifying environment in your trick-or-treat parties, you can use:

Halloween Paintings
Hanging Bats
Horror-Themed Cardboard Cutouts
Plastic Skeletons
Spider Webs
Yard Signs

Valentine’s Day Party Supplies

The special day when you get the opportunity to express your romantic feelings comes on 14th February every year. This day is special for aspiring couples. Love enthusiasts gather at the Valentine’s Day feasts to commemorate the martyrdom of St. Valentine. To marvelously decorate your Valentine’s Day party, the following party supplies are essential:

Heart Balloons
Heart Pillows
Valentine’s Hearts

Wedding Party Supplies

A wedding is perhaps the most wonderful day in a person’s life. People get married and begin a new journey of life with their spouses. The loved ones come together to celebrate this joyful day. So people make sure the wedding receptions are special and memorable. You can make it a lovely moment with:

Artificial Flowers
Cake Toppers
Colorful Glasses
Customized Baskets
Ring Pillows
Wedding Arches
Wedding Candles

Scope of Party Supplies Business

The Party supplies business is very lucrative nowadays. The global value of the party supplies business was $12.659 million in 2019 according to Allied Market Research. Experts estimate it to grow to $20,291.7 million by 2027.

You can find retail party stores everywhere. But if you want to buy party supplies for your wholesale business, you need extensive research. Now, let’s query the places where you can find distributors for buying high-quality wholesale party supplies.

Contact Party Supplies Manufacturers

Whenever you buy any party supply, manufacturing companies provide their company name and contact information on their product. So, if you want to sell these products, contact these manufacturers.

You can gather information from these manufacturers about their suppliers or distributors. After gathering information, you can contact them to buy wholesale party supplies.

Attend Trade Shows and Webinars

Trade shows are a good source to find wholesale party supplies. Trade shows let companies display their products. You can find a large number of suppliers by attending trade shows. You can form business relationships with these suppliers.

Nowadays, the trend of in-person trade shows is diminishing after the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual trade shows and webinars have replaced traditional trade show formats. So, you can attend these online events to find suppliers.

Search Through The Internet

The Internet is a good source of information these days. With the eCommerce and digital marketing boom, businesses are switching to online mediums. Marketers are extensively promoting their businesses online. So, now it’s easy to find dealers of wholesale party supplies on the internet.

You can search on Google by precisely entering your words for getting relevant search queries. For example, if you write “wholesale party supplies suppliers”, Google provides you with a lengthy list of websites.

Social media platforms also provide you with relevant information. Business companies extensively promote their businesses by creating profiles on almost all trending social media platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn rank among the top social media platforms for B2B businesses. LinkedIn is a business-oriented platform where major companies have set up accounts for recruiting employees. You can easily find companies dealing in wholesale party supplies on LinkedIn.

Find Suppliers Through Online Wholesale Directories

Wholesale directories contain a list of wholesale suppliers and manufacturers. Reputed directories add these suppliers to their list after making them undergo a strict verification process. These companies verify the suppliers themselves by visiting their warehouses.

Some notable online wholesale directories are:

Wholesale Central
Worldwide Brands


Salehoo is an online directory from New Zealand which has over 8,000 suppliers and 2.5 million products. Salehoo provides verifiable suppliers who offer high-quality products at reasonable rates. This allows sellers to make huge profits.


ThomasNet is the historical directory of manufacturers. First published in 1898, the directory has evolved into an online directory for finding suppliers and sourcing products.

Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central is an online source to find reputed manufacturers, suppliers, and drop shippers. Run by Sumner Communications, Wholesale Central offers you a wide range of products.

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is a trusted online directory that has certified wholesale suppliers and products. Worldwide Brands has earned recognition from notable brands such as National Geographic Channel and Entrepreneur. Their team conducts surveys and directly verifies manufacturers by visiting them at warehouses.

Search Online B2B Marketplaces

Online B2B wholesale marketplaces offer you a wide scope of buying high-quality party supplies. They offer a broad range of products from reliable suppliers. Some of the marketplaces which offer you a variety of the best wholesale party supplies are:

Global Sources

You can not only buy but you can sell in bulk on these marketplaces as well.


SeeBiz is a platform aimed at promoting upstart wholesale businesses from the US. If you want high-quality wholesale party supplies from US sellers then SeeBiz is a good choice for you. SeeBiz offers you more than 17,000 top-notch wholesale products in the party supplies category.

SeeBiz provides you with the first business networking platform which connects the B2B community. Businesses share their products and connect with each other. You can easily find wholesale suppliers of party supplies through social networking.

If you sell wholesale party supply products on SeeBiz, you can enjoy benefits such as:

Attractive videos of your products and images to introduce your business
Excellent revamp of your product images
Flexible pricing options by dividing buyers into groups and assigning different prices
Outstanding storefront with a fractional share of an eCommerce website cost
Wide promotion of your wholesale business on:

Google Ads
Marketplace Homepage
Social Media Platforms


Alibaba is a world-renowned online marketplace. It offers a large number of vibrant wholesale party supplies by Chinese suppliers. It runs online webinars to facilitate the buyers and sellers of the B2B community.

If you’re selling on Alibaba, you can enjoy benefits such as:

Free shipping
Extended promotion of products and business with excellent advertising tools
In-depth data and insights into business performance

Global Sources

Global Sources is a multichannel platform from Hong Kong which facilitates trade between buyers and sellers. Global Sources runs online and offline trade shows in various East Asian and Southeast Asian countries. It offers a wide range of party supplies from Asian suppliers.


Tundra is a wholesaling platform that has recognition from notable brands and notable publications. Tundra provides your wholesale party supplies from reputed suppliers in the US. With the aim of promoting small wholesale businesses, Tundra does not charge commissions or any hidden fees.

Assessing Party Supplies Quality

Finding wholesale party supplies is one thing. But getting the best products out of them is another. To judge the quality of these products, visit online marketplaces and search high selling products. 

You can apply the filter of “sold products” or “sold listings”. This helps you find in-demand party supplies. Knowing which supplies sell the best can give your business a good sales boost.

So, we just discussed a few occasions to celebrate parties. But actually, there are a lot of occasions and a lot of ideas. Benefit from it and sell the best party supplies for these occasions. Make celebrations special for people and boost sales for your party supplies wholesale business.

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