The Importance of DHA and ARA in HiPP UK Stage 1 Combiotic Formula for Your Baby’s Cognitive Development


There are certain factors a parent needs to consider when choosing a baby formula for their infant. Needless to say, it is one of the most overwhelming decisions they have to make, especially in the early years of their infant’s life. 

One such factor that determines whether a formula is healthy is the inclusion of DHA and ARA. In this read, we will discuss how these essential ingredients add to the value of HiPP UK Stage 1Formula. 


What are DHA and ARA? 

Simply put, they are more commonly known as long-chain fatty acids made of unsaturated fats. You would be surprised to know that both are abundant in breast milk, considered the most nourishing diet for an infant. 

As you would have already guessed, Their primary aim is to facilitate the process of healthy growth in the infant’s body, namely the brain and the eyes. Research studies have been conducted to confirm that both of these can lead to a much-needed increase in a baby’s brain development rate. 

Development of Cognitive Skills In Infant Years And The Role Of HiPP UK

As a baby grows and interacts with its environment, their thinking capacity also expands. In such a time of rapid growth and discovery, they must have appropriate cognitive skills to learn the concepts newly presented to them. 

For this reason, the HiPP UK variant (all stages included) does not compromise on any essential ingredient that a child may need for growth. Still, especially on fatty acids like ARA, DHA, and Omega E. After all, they are the magicians behind the scenes, making it possible for your baby to learn the language, remember familiar faces, and even develop age-appropriate reasoning skills. 

What Else Does HiPP UK Stage 1 Offer? 

Well, we’re glad you asked! HiPP UK Stage 1 is rich in all ingredients that you can think of. Some of these ingredients include; 

Vitamin A, C & D. 
Iron Fortified Omega 3 and C 
Prebiotics and probiotics 
Carbohydrate (lactose) 

It is as similar to breast milk as you find any baby formula to be and is also easier to digest owing to the exclusion of starch. And here’s the best part: HiPP UK Stage 1 contains no artificial sweeteners or GMOs and is also 100% chemical-free. The animals are also reared on organic farms so you can have a good night’s sleep, and your infant is well nourished. 

Stock up on HiPP UK Stage 1 and fulfill their growing needs like no other! 

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