Everything You Need to Know About Furnace Filters


A furnace filter is an important part of your HVAC unit, and it is hard not to see why. Finding the best furnace filter is important, as it makes your unit work efficiently and helps your loved ones to breathe better. 

The furnace filter purifies the air you breathe and protects your furnace from contaminants. Furnace filters occur in different types; they can be pleated, disposable, or washable. Electrostatically charged filters pull more particulates, and the most common filter fibre materials include; fibreglass, cellulose, and aluminium. 

The MERV rating of most furnace filters is between 1-18, and below we discuss where to buy the best

discount furnace filters.

What to Consider when Buying Furnace Filters  

A furnace filter eliminates impurities from your air. These filters are not only used to clean air but also to improve the general air quality. Therefore, it is important to consider different factors to make a more informed decision when buying a filter. 

A good furnace filter is essential to your home, as it keeps you comfortable and facilitates a healthy environment around you. The most important considerations include the following;

Purchase Mode

Homeowners can either buy furnace filters online or from physical stores. When purchasing online, it might be challenging to know everything about originality and efficiency, among others. However, homeowners are advised to physically check everything about the product to decide which is ideal for their unit. 


Filter size is one of the most important considerations before buying a furnace filter. Your HVAC unit needs the best-fitting filter, meaning you should check the size specifications on the filter to make a better decision. 

The best way to choose a well-fitting filter is by measuring your existing filter using a measuring device. However, you are better positioned by hiring an expert to install your preferred filters directly in your house. 

Air Quality Requirements 

Every house has its requirements and structure, meaning air quality varies from place to place. People with allergies and breathing difficulties should use the best quality filters for maximum air purification. 

This also applies to people who spend the majority of their time indoors. 

Filter Type 

There are numerous types of air filters today, and research should be done to choose the best one. Some of these filters include carbon, electronic, and electrostatic filters. 

Performance Level 

Furnace filters are categorized depending on their performance and efficiency. Measuring the unit’s compatibility with your system is advisable to ensure you make the best decision. 

The best way to choose a filter is by considering its MERV rating. People with pets or allergies should choose filters with a high CADR rating, as they trap excess dust and bacteria. Remember, filters with a high MERV rating decrease the number of airborne particles.

Final Thoughts:

Furnace filters play a key role in indoor air quality, and you must consider the above things to make sound decisions. The above article has discussed everything you need to know about furnace filters; more information is available online. 

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