Defining your New Happy with Stephanie Harrison


When Stephanie Harrison finally reached the version of happiness she aspired to, she was devastated. She had believed that if she checked all the boxes, life would be easy and satisfying—so why wasn’t it? Now, the author and founder of The New Happy

is redefining happiness as using your gifts to serve the world. Harrison talks with In the Details host Karen Allen about positive psychology, bettering yourself and your community with kindness, and how to harness your anger into action.

Harrison’s journey into positive psychology began with her parents and a book opening up a whole new world for her. After going to grad school and immersing herself in the field, Harrison took the time to understand herself, where her quest for happiness had gone sour and how she could truly find happiness in her life. Now, she talks with Allen about how she defines happiness, overcoming hopelessness by choosing a corner of the world to focus on serving and how organizations can give employees the tools to flourish in the workplace.

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