Authentic Marketing After the Pandemic with Ron Tite


In this episode of On Your Terms, Ron Tite, the founder and CEO of marketing agency Church+State, chats with host Erin King about marketing in the wake of the pandemic. Tite is an author, speaker, advertising writer, host and executive producer for the podcast The Coup

, which brings listeners inside the industries fighting for their futures.

Tite shares several tactics to help businesses break through the noise and stand out on social media, including moments from his own journey finding inspiration and innovation post-pandemic. He states, “There’s nothing more powerful in marketing than a consumer or a prospect saying ‘Ha! I’ve never seen that before.’”

As he delves deeper into business and marketing, Tite isolates these core questions: What is the larger purpose of your company? What is the simplest way for a company to communicate what it needs to communicate? How can imperfection and transparency breed trust with consumers? 

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